Meeting sensory needs for all ages

The majority of my students have a particular sensory diet that they need to help keep them regulated, but the more students I meet, the more I realise that we all have sensory things that help us concentrate, learn and succeed, these just appear in different formats! For my daughter (who is currently 6 monthsContinue reading “Meeting sensory needs for all ages”

What does Child-led learning look like?

So I show up at your house and your child is burnt-out, traumatised, and out of love with learning. They may be sitting at the table politely waiting for me (but picking the skin on their fingers) or they might be hiding in their blackout tent, refusing to come out, what do I do asContinue reading “What does Child-led learning look like?”

Lego Therapy – Expression of Interest

I am exploring providing private Lego Therapy group sessions in Congleton, Cheshire. I am fully qualified in Lego Therapy and have been providing classes to groups of home educated students for the last year. Lego Therapy was designed to help children with Autism and involves assigning ”roles” to each child and working on their communicationContinue reading “Lego Therapy – Expression of Interest”

Choosing the right tutor

So, you’ve decided that your child might benefit from a tutor? Maybe you feel they are struggling at school, or they’ve just been diagnosed with dyslexia or another special educational need and they need some support, how do you find a tutor that can engage with your child and help them to succeed? Look forContinue reading “Choosing the right tutor”

Engaging Students who are reluctant to learn

I’ve worked with lots of students that are reluctant to learn and it is something that I specialise in, really engaging with students, who are traumatised or scared of education. Often this is because of a special educational need, which has meant that it has been hard for them to access the curriculum. They mayContinue reading “Engaging Students who are reluctant to learn”