Specialist Tuition in Congleton, Cheshire and Online

GCSE, A-Level and Degree Level Tuition

I am a highly experienced tutor of GCSE English Literature and/or Language, A-Level English Literature and/or Language and A-Level Sociology. I have taught hundreds of students, and take pride in getting even the most reluctant readers and writers to succeed at GCSEs. I also love teaching A-Level and using my vast knowledge of literature to help students to understand the importance of the context of what they are learning! I have also taught degree-level students in different disciplines, focusing on study skills in particular.

Specialist Dyslexia Tuition

Multi-sensory support for reading, spelling, handwriting and study skills. Individual 1:1 tuition that utilises lots of different techniques from a qualified dyslexia specialist.

Lego Therapy

Trained in Lego therapy, which is useful for children with Autism and social or communication issues.

Home Education

Specialising in tutoring children when home educated, including project based work, gentle interventions for reading, spelling and maths and integrating ”hidden learning” through creative and innovative ways of teaching.

Online Learning

Using the same techniques as face to face learning, including games, multi-sensory activities and engaging ways of teaching.

Education other than at school (EOTAS) Tuition

Extensive experience working with students who are unable to access school and instead have EOTAS. I work with parents, students and local authorities to devise and implement a teaching program that focuses on building relationships through connection (with some learning alongside!)

Building Relationships

I specialise in building relationships with students and parents. Often students I work with have a degree of school trauma or attachment difficulties, so I spend a lot of timing building trust and a relationship so that the student can later engage with learning. This approach is slow and steady, but leads to a higher level of engagement and achievement in the future.