About me

I’m Dr Eleanor Hockley and I run Wealth of Knowledge Tuition in Cheshire and Staffordshire.

I live in Congleton, Cheshire with my husband and our young daughter. I am friendly, approachable and fun! My students often tell me that I am easy to talk to and understand. I have spent my academic career studying or working with those with special educational needs and I love a new challenge.

In my spare time I enjoy knitting, visiting museums and spending time with my big family who are spread all over the world.

I love sharing my experiences with my students and sharing their interests too. I often end up watching films or reading books that my students are enjoying so that I can engage even the most disengaged students.

I believe that all people should have an opportunity for an education, even if that means finding a way to bring them an education on their own developmental and emotional level. I also believe in slow transitions and demonstrating my commitment to children through showing up, even on a hard day.

Sometimes the rewards take along time to be realised, but they are always there if you look for them!

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