How can I help with GCSE and A-Level Students?

I do a lot of special needs tutoring for those students who need help who are out of school or have additional needs, but I also tutor a lot of GCSE and A-Level students, including those with and without dyslexia and other learning difficulties – how can I help your child progress before their exams?

I am a super-specialist in GCSE English and have taught over 100 students GCSE English, ensuring they get the grades they deserve. I love trying to inspire a love of English even in the most reluctant students who avoid any chance to read or write outside of school! Many of my students have come to me in the past because they are really struggling – even if it is just with one aspect of English – but I have been able to help them improve their grades. I have taught students who just need a passing grade to move on, as well as those aspiring for a 9.

I have also taught A Level English Language, Literature, Literature & Language, and Sociology. I really enjoy working with older learners as we can talk about the topics in more depth. Due to my extensive background in academia, I can also often provide context or talk about other connected works. This can help flesh out the topic in more detail so that students feel more confident about how all their topics connect up. To see more about where my academic life has taken me, please see my qualifications and experience here ( and feel free to ask any questions – like what is Medical Humanities?!)

For many of my students, I can also offer a lot of support with study skills, which is something that is really hard to pick up all of a sudden when working towards exams. I have had a lot of experience studying and refining my study skills over 10 years at university and I love passing on my tips and tricks to my students too!

One thing that makes me really successful at teaching teenagers is that I am super approachable and easy to get along with, yes a lot of them cringe at my references, but I can usually get a smile or a laugh even out of the most reluctant learners and I try really hard to engage and relate to my students. (Please check out some of my testimonials on Facebook to see what other parents say about my approach to teaching!

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