How am I different from other tutors?

When you visit a website with lots of tutors listed, it is sometimes hard to see which tutors are better than the others. Here are a few reasons why I am different from the other tutors out there!

  • I have been tutoring as my permanent job for the last 5 years, I have experience with a very large variety of students aged 6-adult and in multiple subjects. I regularly teach GCSE, A Level and degree level students in English, Sociology and the humanities. I also have experience in a lot of different kinds of special educational needs and how to approach tutoring students with barriers to learning. As tutoring is my permanent job I am able to concentrate on the needs of the child and how to approach each lesson with extensive preparation and consideration. 
  • I have a lot of experience. I have taught a lot of different students with a lot of different needs and I know how to get the best out of the students that I teach. Many parents comment on how much more confidence their children have, which is translated into improved grades. Children who are not working towards qualifications have also demonstrated a greater engagement in learning and will often improve their reading/writing/spelling and knowledge of a wide variety of subjects. 
  • I am very well educated. I have a BA(Hons), MSc and PhD. I have recently qualified as a specialist teacher of dyslexia and I am continually participating in extra training and learning to ensure I am up to date and well informed about different parts of teaching and tutoring.
  • I really enjoy it, and I’m generally a happy, easy going person to get along with! This is important when you are inviting someone into your own home and want them to get along with your child, who may be nervous and not keen on the idea of a tutor!
  • I specialise in Special Needs tutoring and am well informed about different learning difficulties as well as chronic illnesses and disabilities and how they may affect learning. I am knowledgeable about the legislation surrounding special educational needs, as well as the difficulties in negotiating this. I am also used to producing reports and working with other professionals such as speech and language specialists, neuropsychologists, psychotherapists, other tutors and staff from LEAs. 
  • I can provide multiple subject tutoring. For many of my students who are home educated or have special needs, it is important to provide a wide variety of learning opportunities. I can devise a lesson on the spot if needed, responding to my student’s interests that day! Or I can also provide project-based learning, child-led learning and my tutoring bag is full of bags and games to help engage even the most reluctant children! In the past, children have showed up with an interest and I have managed to create a lesson around what they want to talk about that day. 

If you want to find out more about my approach to tuition, please see my other blog posts on the topic!

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss tutoring for your child, and if you have any questions about what I can provide. or 07546527950


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